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GUAYAKI: Organic Yerba Mate Mint Terere, 16 oz

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Product Description

“Pure Empower Mint” has transformed to Mint Tereré, pronounced "tey-dey-rey," A cool and invigorating blend of yerba mate and mint with a touch of rooibos. Empower Mint is a refreshing choice for an afternoon lift.

Brewed with our air dried yerba mate (unsmoked secondary drying process).

Tereré (tey-dey-rey) is cold mate.

16 oz glass bottle.

Guayakí Bottled Yerba Mate - Finally, an invigorating mate blend that tastes great! Each Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate bottle contains caffeine levels comparable to a cup of coffee, however, the stimulation is balanced by mate's natural theobromines and theophyllines as well as other restorative nutritional content. As a result, drinkers feel a sustained energy, clarity of mind, and the general well being characteristic of mate. Grab a bottle before any physical activity or going back to the office, and experience the good energy.


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